The requirement for appropriately trained and competent personnel is critical in the VTS scenario and in the provision of AtoN services.

M-NAV Solutions has an in-depth understanding of the regulations surrounding AtoN and VTS training and can advise on, and deliver training, to suit your specific requirements. 

M-NAV Solutions has a certified Master of International AtoN Management full-time on staff and has a full understanding of the IALA Standards, Recommendations, Guidelines and Model Courses that are applicable to the training of personnel. We can work with clients to explore the possibility of having their training courses recognized by IALA World-Wide Academy, which is the vehicle by which IALA delivers education, training and capacity building. We can also assist with the development and implementation of Training Management Systems to ensure training systems are regularly audited and continually improved. 

M-NAV Solutions can assess your training requirements and provide a cost-effective and tailored training solution, from basic foundation through to specialized topic-specific training for AtoN Technicians and Managers and VTS training for VTS Operators and Supervisors.