Maritime Aids to Navigation Specialists – delivering solutions and services to the maritime sector.

M-NAV Solutions is a Maritime Aids to Navigation specialist – delivering solutions and services for the maritime sector.

Navigational safety in the global maritime domain is becoming increasingly important due to the increase in maritime trade and mounting pressures on the ocean and marine environment. The need for innovative and integrated solutions that improve the safety and efficiency of shipping become increasingly crucial and every coastal state, service provider or operator have their own requirements and face their own unique challenges.

At M-NAV Solutions, we are here to help you meet those challenges, regardless of location, size or complexity.

We supply the full suite of AtoN products, from marine lanterns, buoys and structures through to power supplies, remote monitoring technologies and port AtoN solutions. We work closely with world leading AtoN designers, manufacturers and suppliers to identify, supply, install and support products and solutions for all requirements. Our experience within the industry allows us to help identify the best solutions, to identify possibilities for integration and monitoring, and to ensure your systems are reliable and available.

We offer a range of systems for surveillance, monitoring and management of shipping – from standalone or multi-site Vessel Traffic Management Systems (VTMS) to support Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), coastal monitoring and surveillance systems, through to systems to manage navigational safety and promote efficiency on off-shore installations. Our systems rely on cutting-edge technology, sensor integration and the most advanced and proven software on the market today.

We also supply a range of systems for environmental monitoring, from oceanographic buoys through to tsunami warning systems, which can be customised to meet your requirements.

M-NAV Solutions is an Industrial Member of the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) and we offer the full range of support services, from AtoN compliance auditing, site investigations, needs assessments and specialist training.

We are a remote area specialist, and we operate globally – no location is too remote or extreme.