Compliance Auditing

M-NAV Solutions are Marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN) specialists and are cognisant on the various regulations that apply to the operation of AtoN.

As an Industrial Member of the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA), we have a full understanding of the suite of IALA Standards, Recommendations and Guidelines and how they apply to the design, installation and ongoing operation of AtoN. We also understand that other international covenants, regulations and legislations apply in certain circumstances on international, national and regional levels and are able to carry out informed assessments of these requirements, including identification of their alignment with compliance requirements.

Compliance requirements are constantly changing, and it is imperative that AtoN operators remain aware of their responsibilities and liabilities and the costs associated with non-compliance.

M-NAV Solutions can provide compliance auditing services for your AtoN Network, to assess the level of compliance, identify shortcomings that may exist and identify the best solutions to ensure issues are resolved in the most cost-effective way possible.