Site & Needs Assessments

The long-term viability and reliability of any AtoN is dependent on the choice of equipment, a range of site condition variables and the suitability of the structure and method of installation and/or construction. Consideration of all these factors is critical in the front-end selection and design phases for any AtoN.

At M-NAV Solutions, we have a sound understanding of these selection principles and our long-term experience in practical AtoN construction and installation work gives us insight into the most appropriate solutions for all site conditions and environments.

Whether it is a new AtoN site, buoy installation or a remote maritime surveillance site, M-NAV Solutions provides professional site assessment services. This includes physical site assessments incorporating specialist site assessment techniques and an informed investigation of site conditions culminating in site assessment outputs include comprehensive reports, site data, proposals and where required, concept designs.

For areas where there is an uncertainty whether AtoN is required, or the extent of AtoN necessary to mitigate risk, M-NAV Solutions carries out need’s assessments, which takes into consideration the density and type of marine traffic, the local physical and meteorological conditions and any local regulatory requirements.

Remote areas and challenging environments are our specialty – we go anywhere, no area is too remote.