Vessel Traffic Management Systems (VTMS) For Vessel Traffic Services (VTS)

At M-NAV Solutions, we recognise the need that many clients have for the surveillance and management of vessel traffic within their Ports and Coastal waters.

We also recognize that the requirements of each port or waterway is different and that systems need to be flexible, relevant and suitable.

M-NAV Solutions offer fully tailorable Vessel Traffic Management Systems (VTMS) for the support of Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), either as a single site or multi-site/multi-port solution. Our systems utilise modern, reliable hardware, state of the art software and a professional and controlled design, assembly and installation process.

We also understand that the design of VTMS systems is dependent on many local variables. These may include the complexity of vessel traffic, the surveillance and reporting requirements but also local capacity, geographical restrictions and the extent of available communication networks. In the majority of cases, an “off the shelf” system will not meet all local requirements or comprehensively address local issues so we ensure that when addressing a customer’s needs, all factors are taken into consideration and carried through into the design phase.

Our VTMS solutions are hardware independent and can integrate data from the full range of sensors. These include radar, AIS, CCTV, drone, VHF, weather stations, oceanographic sensors and satellite data, which provides real-time detection, tracking and surveillance of vessel traffic, ensuring a high level of situational awareness and integration.

We can assist with the design and layout of VTS systems, including the location and type of VTS towers, the configuration and number of sensors and can identify the most appropriate and efficient communication system to ensure data is transmitted reliably and efficiently. We do this through a study of client’s requirements, identification of potential sites and study of environmental conditions, professional coverage modelling and a review of the most appropriate means of data transmission.

Any VTMS solution can be designed to incorporate a VTS Control Centre, which allows for the collection, integration and central display of data using modern, state-of-the-art software with various options for remote control and support of sites. The use of several different communication networks enables monitoring from even the most remote locations.

We also recognize that not every port requires full-scale VTMS / VTS, and offer a number of cloud-based solutions, that are highly flexible, scalable, and still offer operators and end-users the full selection of user tools.

All our VTMS solutions are designed to operate in full compliance with the Standards and Recommendations of international organizations such as IMO and IALA and any applicable National legislation that may apply.