At M-NAV Solutions, we understand the importance of floating AtoN and the need for reliability and performance in often very harsh marine environments. We also understand that performance is related to the correct selection of the buoy type and design of the mooring system.

In partnership with our manufacturing partner Mediterraneo Senales Maritimes (MSM), we supply a comprehensive range of buoys to meet all requirements, including Elastomer Buoys for high impact resistance and buoyancy, or UV stabilised rotomoulded virgin polyethylene buoys, filled with closed cell expanded polyurethane foam. Buoys are available in a variety of float diameters, focal heights and marking configurations.

Buoy performance is impacted by several variables and there are many through-life considerations when designing, installing and maintaining buoys.  We can assist in the design and selection process, whether the requirement is for sheltered locations or for exposed, open-sea and deep-water applications. All buoy and mooring designs are carried out using professional buoy modelling software, in compliance with the IALA Standards.

The entire range of buoys can be fitted with our range of marine lanterns, power supplies and remote monitoring and control options.  We also provide professional installation services to ensure your marine AtoN is installed correctly and maintenance services to ensure the life span of your assets are maximised.

Buoy Types

High Quality Materials and Robust Designs