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Navigational safety in the global maritime domain is becoming increasingly important due to the increase in maritime trade and mounting pressures on the ocean and marine environment. The need for innovative and integrated solutions that increase the safety and efficiency of shipping become increasingly crucial and every coastal state, service provider or operator have their own requirements and face their own unique challenges.
At M-NAV Solutions, we are here to help you meet those challenges, regardless of location, size or complexity.

Our Products

With the help of our strategic partners, M-Nav offers a wide range of innovative and reliable Aids to Navigation equipment to meet international standards for all types of applications.
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Marine Lanterns

Marine Lanterns, from Self-Contained Lanterns, Standalone Lanterns, through to Sector Lights, Port Entry Lights (PELs) and Range Lighting systems for Ports.


Wide range of buoys, from Elastomer Buoys, or UV stabilised rotomoulded virgin polyethylene buoys. Available in a variety of float diameters, focal heights and marking configurations.

AtoN Structures

High-quality, off-the-shelf AtoN structures, designed and manufactured from high quality materials for durability, long service life and performance.


Fully tailorable Vessel Traffic Management Systems (VTMS) for the support of Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), either as a single site or multi-site/multi-port solution.

Offshore Wind

Innovative, integrated solutions with a focus on mitigating marine risk across the whole spectrum of offshore wind.

Marine Surveillance & Coastal Monitoring

Tailorable surveillance solutions, utilising modern, reliable technology and hardware, state of the art software and a professional and controlled design, assembly and installation process.

Oceanographic Monitoring Systems

Advanced, tailorable solutions for the monitoring, acquisition and interpretation of oceanographic data that can be customised to suit any requirement.

Tsunami Warning System

We offer a complete Tsunami Early Detection and Warning System using proven technology.

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