Offshore Wind

M-NAV Solutions offers innovative, integrated solutions for the offshore wind sector, with a focus on mitigating marine risk across the whole spectrum of offshore wind - from construction and development through to operations. These solutions range from marine coordination and surveillance systems, obstruction and structure lighting through to Marine Aids to Navigation to ensure the safety of assets and shipping within and adjacent to offshore installations.

Our marine coordination and surveillance solutions provide effective systems and tools to increase efficiency and maximize the use of assets and resources through the utilisation of multiple sensors including AIS, ADS-B, radar, meteorological and oceanographic sensors, CCTV and radio transceivers, all which can be networked to one or more control centres. Multiple sensor feeds and communication technologies are integrated into systems that utilises a software suite to process and display the data, providing alerts and consistent decisions-support based on a facility’s operational parameters. The core software structure is modular and flexible, with multiple applications that can be integrated for the management and intuitive display of all sensor data and the automatisation of port processes and tracking of personnel, vessels, and other resources. Our systems support safe and efficient operations by combining unparalleled real-time situational awareness with planning, tracking, communication, and information management tools.

Our range of Marine Aids to Navigation covers all beaconing and visual signalling requirements, including marine lanterns, buoys, alternative structures and other AtoN. We can assist with identifying the most appropriate AtoN solutions for all phases of offshore wind, from temporary marking during construction and development, through to the permanent AtoN required to mark structures, navigational routes, or any other hazards to shipping. Our suite of AtoN are compliant with the IALA Standards and are designed and manufactured from the highest quality materials for performance in even the harshest marine environments.